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Lemon Geranium Face Cleanser

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A face wash for mature skin and to slow the clock. We’ve been making this prized natural face cleanser for 10 years! Vitamin C may help or prevent sun spots and is good for pigment issues. Geranium is balancing, and tea tree and lemon are cleansing and anti blemish. Natural and Organic ingredients! Never any commercial chemicals, unnatural preservatives, chemical foaming agents, parabens, or dyes which to Green Bubble Gorgeous means stress free!

It has a fresh geranium and mouthwatering smooth lemon fragrance and FEELING!!!

Very Creamy, removes makeup, superbly cleansing, but, still not drying. Plus, it has a few other added in skin loving benefits. Meadow foam seed oil, is soooo prized! It protects/does about everything we want and need our skin to do too stay looking fresh, vibrant and gorgeous! Aloe vera, one of nature's oldest remedies. Vitamin C powder fights sun spots! Wheat germ oil is a great fighter against wrinkles. Vitamin E is a natural Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory!

Caution does contain wheat! Also, is phototoxic, avoid direct sunlight after use, wear your SPF!

Vegan and Cruelty free! 4 oz recyclable bottle, labeled with all ingredients. 

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